eLearning Expo – CEQ-All

My first two sessions of the day (keynote and then breakout) focused on the work of Tom March and his CEQ-ALL taxonomy. Some really interesting thoughts and further reading was shared, particularly around the concepts of motivation and inspiring learners (regardless of age). A lot of the theory behind the taxonomy centres on pushing quality, and pushing students to achieve new standards of personal quality.

I took a lot of extra reading from the session (check the delicious tags for today), particularly around the concept of Flow Theory; whereby learner reactions to a topic or task are graphed depending on their skills and challenge. Increase the skills to respond to an increased challenge, and learners will find themselves “in the flow” – the zone where everything ceases to matter and you lose track of time.

The CEQ-All (Choices, Effort, Quality, Assessment, Labour of Love) taxonomy has a lot of relevance as a theoretical framework to support our use of digital technologies in the classroom, but more importantly as a support framework as we seek to inspire intrinsicly motivated, lifelong 21st century learners. I suspect I have found our first candidate for the pedagogical skill side of our bookmarks!

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